“Make America Great Again”

What?! Make America Great Again? America is already great! It’s just the mentality of closed-minded, lazy leeches that may need some work. If we compare negatives to positives and actually make a conscious effort to acknowledge the great people, ideas, resources and opportunities around us then maybe we will realize that the world is not so bad after all. Why is America attracted to so much negativity? I’m not so sure I understand the meaning behind the patriotic red, white and blue – or the purpose of the Statue of Liberty when everything we see in the media is so themed & contradicting. What I do understand, is that being different is good. No, being different is GREAT!

It’s no longer about black & white and it’s definitely not about the “American Dream.” Today, it’s about an American Reality and adjusting our mentality. The truth is waiting for the person that wants it. America is already great. Our people just need to tap into only a few of many resources, open their minds and take a non-violent approach when facing fears and overcoming challenges. Violence is not the answer.

Even though the importance of the mood and the related aesthetic presentation of goth subcultures are overwhelmingly related to the dark and mysterious in goth scene and goth fashion, goths are not violent people and never will be. Goths are everywhere. Today, we aren’t typically dressed to the teeth in all black. Our hair is often colored, skin covered in tattoos and piercings and sometimes we just look like the average American dressed casual and working 40 hour weeks. Sure, some things can change and the world has room for unmeasured improvement, but if we don’t recognize the good things and people that are here now, we may lose them forever. Make America Goth Again is an international movement promoting the simple, non-violent approach. Taking action like an American, but in ways that most Americans don’t with the intent to change the way we see the world instead of trying to change the world itself. I think we’ve changed it enough and our beautiful Earth is spiritually in pain. The movement is our way to come together.

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